Thank you for your interest in our marketing options!

All shows are guaranteed to be included in the weekly Show Information email two times during the application cycle. The first mention will occur when you begin accepting applications. The second mention will occur when your deadline is approaching.

If you’re interested in reaching more artists, ZAPP offers a range of additional marketing options for purchase.

What we offer:

Single Show E-Blasts

A dedicated e-blast for your event sent directly to our artist base.

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Show Information Feature

Feature your event at the top of the weekly Show Information email.

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Receipt Advertisement

Advertise your event on the artist receipt page.

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Mailing List

Send a postcard mailing to ZAPP artists.

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Partnering Offer:

The Independent Artist Podcast

Promote your event with a professional ad to an engaged audience.

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List Size: 45,000+ artists and counting

When do we send e-blasts?

We send single show e-blasts on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Purchase of an e-blast is the purchase of one send date.

How far in advance should I reserve an e-blast?

A minimum of 10 business days before your anticipated send date. ZAPP e-blasts are reserved first come, first served, so we recommend requesting an e-blast as soon as you know you’ll want to send one.


E-Blast pricing is determined by the number of emails sent. Event administrators can filter the email list by region or state, and by medium category. The number of artists signed up to receive single show e-blasts in each region varies, but the approximate numbers are as follows:

Reaching ZAPP Artists Tables


General Pricing

Number of emails sent. 1 - 9,999 10,000 - 14,999 15,000 - 19,999 20,000 - 24,999 25,000 - 29,999
Price $200 $300 $400 $600 $700
Number of emails sent. 30,000 - 34,999 35,000 - 39,999 40,000 - 44,999 45,000 - 49,999   
Price $800 $900 $1,000 $1,100  

Promoter Pricing

Looking to promote more than one event? Contact us for more information about our Promoter Pricing options available to those with 10+ events listed on ZAPP.

Payment Information

Administrators have the option to pay by credit card or direct transfer via EFT/ACH.

If you cancel your single show announcement, ZAPP will refund the full cost of the e-blast, less credit card fees when applicable, if:

  • The administrator who requested the e-blast submits to ZAPP, in writing, a cancellation request at least one month prior to their e-blast send date.


  • ZAPP is able to fill the e-blast slot.

The event requesting the refund will be notified by email of the status of their request.

ZAPP will refund 50% of the cost of the e-blast, less credit card fees when applicable, if:

  • The administrator contacts ZAPP at least one month prior to their e-blast send date, but the slot cannot be filled by an event on our waitlist.


  • The administrator requests a refund two weeks before the e-blast send date and the slot can be filled.

ZAPP will not refund e-blasts only in the case that an administrator fails to contact us or contacts us less than two weeks before their e-blast date.

To request a refund for your e-blast, contact the ZAPP team at

E-Blast Content

When your request for an e-blast is confirmed we will create a draft that includes your event’s location, applicable dates, the application fee, a contact, your show website, and event summary. You will have an opportunity to adjust the information in the draft before the e-blast is sent.

Your show logo is automatically included in the announcement. An additional image costs $25. All drafts must be approved by the show administrators before being sent. Events reserving an e-blast also have the opportunity to have ZAPP post their event on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for $25.

screenshot showing the e-blast layout and format for a the ZAPP Sunflower Demo

E-Blast Frequently Asked Questions

How are artists added to the list? Can I see the list?

Artists must opt-in to receiving Single Show Announcements in their ZAPP® profiles. To comply with our privacy policy, we do not share this list directly with the purchasing organization.

How do I choose which artists receive my announcement?

You can filter by state or geographic region, and further filter by medium category.

When are the e-blasts sent?

Emails are sent on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday in the morning or afternoon. To keep your e-blast exclusive and to avoid inundating artists with emails, only one e-blast is sent to the specified area per day.

Can I add a graphic to my e-blast?

Your show’s logo is automatically included. If you would like to add one additional graphic, the cost is $25. We recommend that the additional graphic be no larger than 300 pixels on the longest side.

Can I purchase more than one e-blast?

Yes. However, the Single Show announcement is limited to two purchases per show, per contract period.

E-blasts are secured on a first come, first served basis.
Interested in purchasing one?


Feature your event on the show information sent to ZAPP artists.

Screenshot showing the top portion of the ZAPP weekly show information titled "What's Hot" and including information about the ZAPP Demo event.

List Size: 56,000+ artists
Price: $100 per event

Show Information Frequently Asked Questions

Can my event be featured on the show information email more than once?

No. The show information feature is limited to one feature per event, per contract period.

How many events are featured each week?

A maximum of two events will be featured each week. If two events are featured in the same week, the event with the soonest application deadline will be listed first.  

Can I customize the information for the feature?

The show information feature will include the details from your event information page and cannot be modified before its sent. Ensure your details (including the event summary) are up-to-date before purchasing the show information feature. 

How far in advance should I reserve a feature?

A minimum of 10 business days before preferred send date. Features are offered first come, first served, so we recommend requesting a feature as soon as you know you’ll want one.

Interested in purchasing the show information feature?


Advertise your event on the receipt that each artist sees after purchasing a product on ZAPP.

Screenshot of the receipt page on ZAPP with an arrow pointing to a blank advertisement at the bottom. The advertisement has the text, "Your Ad Here."

Price: $250 per 2-week period
(max 4 weeks total)

Receipt Advertisement Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the advertisement be located?

The receipt ads will display after an artist makes a purchase on ZAPP. The ad will appear below the payment information. Note: The ad will not appear on the copy of the receipt that is sent to artists.

What will the advertisement look like? 

The receipt advertisement consists of a square image that will link to your event page on ZAPP. You will provide the ZAPP team with your image after purchasing the advertisement. Images must be a JPEG file and 200 x 200 pixels exactly.

How many artists would see the ad? 

There are approximately 17,500 purchases made on ZAPP every month. Please note we cannot guarantee the exact number of artists that will see your ad.

How many events are advertised on the receipts?

Up to three event ads will run on the receipt at any given time. 

How long can I advertise my event on the receipt?

Receipt advertisements can be purchased for a two week ($250) or four week ($500) run. You cannot advertise the same event for more than four weeks per contract period.

How far in advance should I reserve a receipt ad?

A minimum of 10 business days before your preferred start date. Advertisements are offered first come, first served, so we recommend requesting an ad as soon as you know you’ll want one.

Interested in purchasing a receipt advertisement?


Shows can purchase a mailing list of ZAPP® artists to send postcards and other printed mailings to.

List Size: 30,000+ artists
Cost: $250

Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions

Can the purchasing organization use the mailing list more than one time?
No. The purchase is valid only for a single mailing. When you purchase the mailing list from ZAPP®, your mailing house will be required to sign a “single-use agreement” form.

Can the mailing list be purchased more than once?
Yes. Some shows purchase the mailing list at intervals throughout the year to send separate mailings for their shows.

Can the mailing list be merged with other lists?
The mailing list is sent directly to your designated mail house and can be merged with other lists of artists sent to the mail house by the show. If you purchase the single-show announcement, this cannot be merged with other lists.

Interested in purchasing the ZAPP Mailing List?


The Independent Artist Podcast has done the legwork to gather the massive target audience that every festival is trying to reach: visual artists who participate in art fairs and festivals. Whether working in the studio or driving to a show, when our listeners hit “play,” they are engaged the entire time, seeking knowledge and inspiration from all aspects of this industry. If you’re ready to make your “announcement” or “call for entry” stand out from the sea of emails, secure a promo spot in this growing, artist-designed and executed podcast. This podcast has over 45K unique downloads to date and is growing exponentially. The entire catalog of episodes remains accessible year-round, so your show will be introduced to new listeners continuously.


Ad Spots

  • The ad promos run in the mid-roll section of the podcast, featured prominently after the hosts introductory banter and prior to the featured guest interview. 
  • The first spot of every episode is a ZAPP promo, followed by a maximum of two promo ads. Limiting the number of available ad-spots gives your announcement premiere focus. 
  • Each spot runs approximately 45 seconds. 
  • The podcast is available for free through multiple sources, including: YouTube, Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Buzzsprout.

Promotional Content

  • You provide the hosts with the information you would like to highlight about your event and they will create the promo for your approval prior to airing. 
  • We encourage you to highlight what makes YOUR show stand out from the rest. The hosts will promote your event in a conversational and entertaining manner.


  • Reservations for time slots need to be secured two weeks prior to airing.
  • Episodes air bi-weekly. 
  • Payment must be received before the promo airs. Check or credit card accepted. Event administrators work directly with the podcast hosts regarding scheduling and payment.


Each originally recorded promo aired 1 episode: $500
Each re-airing of a previously recorded promo: $375

The Podcast Audience

Both veteran and emerging artists look to the podcast as a sounding board for current issues, as well as a source of inspiration from personal stories of resilience. Listeners tune in as they drive or while they create artwork in their studios. Each episode finds the listener fully engaged in its content providing ideal exposure for your event.

About the Creators

Douglas Sigwarth and Will Armstrong are independent artists who sell their work at fine art festivals and both are members of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA). They serve as co-hosts and producers of The Independent Artist Podcast.They each have 20 years of experience on the art fair circuit and a background in entertainment. They created this podcast as an outreach to the artist community during the pandemic and it has grown into a huge hit.