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FAQs for Jurors

Where do I log in?

Jurors can log in at If you need to reset your password, fill out the fields under Forgot Password? to receive a password reset link.

When I log in it says there are no active juries. Why is that?

You will not be able to access the jury or score applicants until the jury status on the administrator side of ZAPP has been changed to In Progress and your juror account has been assigned to the event. Reach out to the event so they can update their jury status and review your account.

I’m viewing an applicant’s images but do not have the option to score them.

The scoring page displays after you have viewed each artist’s images:

Image of the monitor jury scorecard. Shows four artwork thumbnails, artist details, and the options for scoring the applicant

If you are not seeing the score page, ensure you are selecting “Score” on your homepage and not “Review.” When in “Review” mode, you will not have the ability to score.

Why aren’t my scores saving?

Scores will only save if you click the “SAVE THIS SCORE” button. Once your scores are saved, you will see them on the table found on your landing page.

I forgot my password—how do I log in?

Jurors can reset their passwords using the Forgot Password? fields on The reset link will be sent to the email address associated with the account. Juror accounts are set up by event administrators, so if you don’t know the email address associated with your juror account, reach out to your contact at the event for more information.

How can I review my scores?

After you save a score, it will automatically populate in the table on your landing page. You can sort your scores by clicking on the “Your Score” header to bring the highest or lowest scores to the top of the table.

How do I change a score?

To update a score, click the “Review” link for the score you would like to update. The Jury Slideshow will open for that application and you can review images and update your score on the scorecard. Remember to save your score before exiting the window for the change to take effect!

How do I ensure I haven’t missed scoring any artists?

To verify that you have scored all applicants within a category, click the “Score Remaining Artists” button. The system will bring up the applications you have not scored yet or will verify that there are no remaining artists to be scored.

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