The Jury Landing Page

The landing page is where jurors control which medium category they’re viewing, filter and sort their table of applicants, view a thumbnail of one of the applicant’s images along with their score and medium category, and download their scores.

Jurors can review images (monitor juries only) or score applicants by clicking the “Score!” or “Score Remaining Artists” buttons. Always make sure to click “Score Remaining Artists” when you’re done scoring to make sure every applicant has a score!

Click on a dot to review the features of the jury landing page or scroll down to view a list of definitions.


  • Applications and jury round: The number of applications in the jury pool and the current round of the jury. The jury round is determined by the event administrator.
  • Select Category: Use the dropdown to select the medium category you wish to begin scoring.
  • Review Images: Click to open a slideshow with images for the selected medium category. In this review, you can see images and image details, but you will not have the option to score. Only available for monitor juries.
  • Score: Click to open the scoring window (monitor jury) or the scoring page (projected jury).
  • Score Remaining Artists: Click to open the scoring window (monitor jury) or scoring page (projected jury). You will only see applicants that have not been scored.
  • Filter: Search for applications by typing in a score, phrase you entered as a comment, application number, or applicant name (if shown).
  • Show Thumbnails: Click to display the first thumbnail of each applicant’s work in the table.
  • Action: Either “Review” or “Score” will display, depending on whether or not you’ve already scored the applicant. To edit a score, click the Review link, change the score, and click “Save this Score.”
  • Download Score History: Use this button to download a spreadsheet of the applicants and your corresponding scores. You can download this information for any and all rounds.
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