Scoring Submissions in a Monitor Jury

What is a monitor jury?

Monitor juries are most often characterized by jurors who are scoring applicants remotely from their own computers. Some monitor juries meet via a conference/video call during the jury while others have jurors score independently without interaction with other jurors.

The other type of jury used on ZAPP, the projected jury, is typically a jury where artwork images are displayed on a large wall or projection screens. When using the projected scorecard, jurors may see thumbnails of all the images or just one, depending on the administrator’s settings.

The type of jury and the scorecard jurors see is determined by the event administrator.

The Monitor Scorecard

The monitor scorecard will look like the image below with thumbnails of the artwork displayed against a dark gray background. You’ll know you’re on the scorecard if you have a place to enter a score and comment.

Note: If your scorecard does not look like the image below, the event administrator may have set up the jury to use the projected jury scorecard. To view information about projected juries, see our Scoring Submissions in a Projected Jury page.

Image of the monitor jury scorecard. Shows four artwork thumbnails, artist details, and the options for scoring the applicant

Prep for the Jury: Reviewing Images Without Scoring

When scoring in a monitor jury, you will see a “Review” button on your landing page. Clicking this button will open a window where you can see an overview of the application and larger versions of each image. Scores cannot be submitted while in the “Review” mode. The ZAPP team recommends reviewing images before scoring to ensure you have a chance to acclimate to the platform and view all submissions.

TIP: Within a monitor jury, you can zoom in and out on images to view them in greater detail. Simply scroll in or out with the mouse to zoom in or out or use the bar at the top of the window. Click and drag to move around the image once zoomed in.

An image showing what it looks like before and after a juror zooms in on an image.

Scoring Submissions

Once you have finished reviewing applications, it’s time to score artists. Follow the step-by-step below to submit scores:

  1. To begin scoring applicants, select “Score!” or “Score Remaining Artists.” Once the monitor jury window opens, click the fullscreen icon () to enter full screen mode on the computer. The ZAPP team recommends scoring in full screen to view the images in the largest form possible.

  2. After clicking the “Score!” button, review applicant details (if applicable), images, and artwork details. You can also scroll in and out to zoom in and out on the image.

  3. After reviewing all images, you should see the following:
    Image of the monitor jury scorecard. Shows four artwork thumbnails, artist details, and the options for scoring the applicant
    On this page, you can select your score and enter any comments. Juror scores and comments may be shared with applicants. Check with your administrator for information about how scores may be shared with applicants. Clicking “Save This Score” will save the score to ZAPP. You can view available image details by clicking the “i” icon in the upper right hand corner and review the applicant’s Statement of Technique by clicking the “Read More” link in the upper right hand corner.

  4. Score the remaining applicants.

  5. After scoring is complete, return to the landing page and click “Score Remaining Applicants” to ensure all applicants have been scored.

Tools for Finalizing Scores

Once you have clicked “Save This Score” on any applicant’s scorecard, that score is automatically saved in ZAPP and accessible to the event administrator. Though scores are immediately available, most jurors will still want to review their scores and comments before letting administrators know they are done scoring.

You can use the sort and filter tools on the landing page to view submitted scores from highest to lowest, sort scores by medium category, and review your comments. You can also show artist thumbnails on the landing page to aid in your review.

Image of the jury landing page, some applicants have been scored

You can update your scores and comments at any time while the jury is in process by clicking the “Review” link under the action column. You can also download your scores into a spreadsheet and review them in that format or just to use as a reference in case the administrator has any questions about a submitted score or comment.

Click here to learn more about the juror landing page.

Settings Recommendations for Monitor Juries

ZAPP works best with the latest two versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and utilizes the sRGB colorspace for all artist images. We recommend that all monitors are calibrated for an sRGB colorspace to display the artwork as accurately as possible.

Many variables—such as ambient light, throw distance, and hardware limitations—are directly related to calibration and can cause fluctuations from monitor to monitor. ZAPP cannot guarantee perfect calibration due to outside variables that are beyond our control. When possible, jurors should score on the same type of device for the duration of scoring to maintain maximum consistency.


Questions about juries? Email us at If you have questions about a specific event’s process, please contact the show administrator. 

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