ZAPP Accounts and Billing

New Administrator Accounts

Each licensee on ZAPP can have up to five administrator accounts. Each account has the same permissions and needs to be associated with a specific person in your organization. At any time, the ZAPP team can add or disable administrator accounts for you.

To add a new administrator account to your license, email from the email associated with your account or submit a ticket with the following:

  • New administrator’s full name
  • New administrator’s email address
  • New administrator’s phone number

To disable an administrator account, please reach out to

Transferring Your License

ZAPP licenses need to be transferred if another organization needs to either a) collect and deposit remittance checks for revenue collected on ZAPP or b) manage the account in its entirety. Transferring your license will ensure the new managing organization will have access to all of the event’s historical data on ZAPP.

Licenses cannot be transferred mid-contract. If you need to transfer your licensee, please email so we can start the process.

Postponing or Cancelling Your Event

If you are cancelling or postponing your event for any reason, please reach out to the ZAPP team at immediately for next steps.

The ZAPP team defines a postponement as moving an event to new dates with the intention of holding the following year’s event as normal. For example, a postponed event might move their event from June to August in 2020 and intend to hold the event in summer 2021 as well. A cancellation would mean the event will not happen until a full year from the original dates, at least. A cancelled event may have been originally scheduled for June 2020 but will not be held until June 2021.

Renew Your Contract

The ZAPP access term begins on the day your contract is submitted and ends one year from that date. If your event is postponed for any reason, please reach out to us for next steps. Once your current event has ended, you can renew your contract for the following year. The ZAPP team will automatically send renewal paperwork shortly after your event ends. If you cannot find your paperwork or wish to renew before it is sent, please choose “Renew Your Account” when filling out the form on the Contact the ZAPP Team page:

Once your renewal is submitted, the ZAPP team will make a copy of your previous year’s event application and allow you to make edits so you won’t have to reenter all of your event details.

Invitational Only Events

If your event is limited to a specific group of artists, the ZAPP team can create an Invitational Only application for you. This specific event type will require artists to enter a passcode before beginning an application. Once your event application has been turned into an Invitational Only application, the code will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Event Editor.

Non-Artist Vendor Applications

Looking to collect applications from non-artist vendors? With our flexible application types, you can collect submissions from non-artist vendors, artists, or both and turn off image collection for only one applicant type. See Building Your Application for step-by-step instructions on collecting artist and non-artist vendor applications at the same time.

If you would like to collect non-artist vendor applications separately from your artists on ZAPP, email the ZAPP team for more information about adding another application to your license.

Event Galleries

The ZAPP Event Gallery allows you to automatically create a gallery of artists in the Accepted and Confirmed statuses on our website. The gallery will include artwork images submitted by your artists when they applied, basic information, and their website (if they provided one). Patrons can browse artists by medium category, search for a specific artist, or sort your gallery by booth number. While all artists will be automatically opted in to the gallery, artists can opt out of the gallery on their My ZAPPlications page at any time.

To turn on the Event Gallery, email the ZAPP team. Once we turn on the gallery for your event, you will gain access to the Event Gallery tab within your Event Editor. Be sure to review this tab and update it with any social media links, event information, and other information you would like to display when people view your gallery.

The Income Breakdown Report

The Income Breakdown Report, found under Reports > Income Breakdown Report, provides financial information for revenue collected through ZAPP. To load the report, select the dates you would like to run the report for, select your current event, and then click “Run Report.” You can filter the report to either exclude or only include check payments, credit card payments, coupons, refunds, and/or $0 transactions.

If you are running a report for your entire year’s revenue, you may want to select “Download Report Only” to get a spreadsheet of your data rather than loading the whole table.

Image of the income breakdown report page

After clicking “Run Report,” a table of transactions will load. The table will include the following:

  • Payment ID
  • Date and time the product was purchased
  • Purchaser’s name
  • Coupons used
  • Total paid
  • Credit card fees associated
  • Net amount
  • Additional details, including the transaction ID

At the bottom of the table, you will see your total revenue collected – with and without credit card fees. If you selected multiple events, the revenue will be broken out by event. Within this section you will also see revenue collected by credit card, revenue collected by check payments, and pending revenue.

Check payments, which are mailed directly from the artist to you, will be listed as pending until you mark them as received. You can mark check payments as received in the table on the Event Management page. Artists who pay by check will automatically move to the Awaiting Payment by Check status. You can indicate that a check payment has been received by loading that table and, under the Payments column, selecting “Received” from the check status drop down. Make sure to click the “Update” button at the bottom of the table to save your changes and ensure revenue is reflected properly on the Income Breakdown Report.

Remittance Checks

Revenue collected through ZAPP from the first to the last day of the month is sent to events on the fifth business day of the following month (e.g. revenue collected from June 1 to June 30 is sent on the fifth business day in July). ZAPP sends a remittance statement along with the check that will break the revenue down by day received and include any credit card or license fee deductions (if applicable).

If you are auto-deducting your licensing fees, you will only receive a remittance statement and check once those fees have been paid. The first remittance check you receive after your fees are paid off will list the deduction.

Please note: We are in the process of transitioning clients to EFT remittances. This means revenue collected through ZAPP will be automatically deposited in your bank account at the beginning of every month. When we are ready to transition your organization to EFT remittances, we will email you to securely collect the necessary information. Never email your bank information to us. 

Updating Billing Information

If you need to update your billing contact or address, please email us at or send us a help ticket. If you are changing your billing contact, please include their name, email, and phone number.

If you need to update the organization receiving the funds, please see Transferring Your License for details.

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