FAQs for Admins

How do I publish my event on ZAPP?

To publish your event, email zapphelp@westaf.org or submit a ticket to let us know you are ready to list your event publicly on ZAPP. We will review your event to ensure artists are able to apply without issue and then send you a link you can use to publicize your application.

Please note: Your event is not published automatically and will not be listed until it has been reviewed by the ZAPP team.

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How do I find the URL to my event on ZAPP?

To find the direct URL to your public event page on ZAPP, go to the Events List at https://www.zapplication.org/participating-events.php. Type your event name into the search bar, and click on your event name to be directed to your public event page. You can share your page URL on social media or via email by click on the sharing icons on the left side of your screen or you can copy the URL right from your browser’s search bar.

Note: Your event must be published on ZAPP in order to find the URL. 

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Can I turn off image collection on my application?

Yes! We now offer a non-artist vendor application option which will allow you to collect applications without images. Email the ZAPP team at zapphelp@westaf.org for more information.

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How do I create a coupon code?

Navigate to Events > Coupons and enter in the internal title (Coupon Name), the discount amount (in $ or %), the maximum uses for the code, the code itself, the period of time the coupon will be active, and the items it applies to. The coupon will also need to be set to “Active” for artists to use it.

Looking for more? Watch our video tutorial on Creating Coupons for ZAPP Artists.


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How do I allow artists to make edits to their application?

If your application deadline has not passed:
Move the artist to the Incomplete status. To do so, select “Incomplete” within the Status drop-down menu for the artist in question, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update All.” The artist will then be able to make changes to their application and resubmit it before your deadline.

If your application deadline has passed:
Move the artist to the Exception status. Once the artist has made necessary changes, they will need to notify you to move their application back to Received.

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Can artists apply after my application deadline?

Yes. You will need to extend the deadline. This can be done within your Event Editor on the Event Information tab. Simply adjust the date, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Save” button.

You will also need to make sure the “Hide Current Artist Status” setting is set to “No,” or else the artist will be unable to apply. This setting can be found in the Jury Administration page.

Extending your deadline opens the application for all artists. If you are extending your deadline for only a few artists, we recommend doing so for a small window of time and notifying the artists to apply during that window.

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How do I email artists through ZAPP?

Navigate to Events > Communication and click the boxes next to each status you would like to email. Click “Select” to compose your email, preview, and send. If you would like to include (or exclude) only flagged or tagged artists, select the applicable option from the dropdown menu and then check the boxes next to the tagged or flagged artists you wish to include or exclude.

Want a step-by-step tutorial? Watch our video on Using the ZAPP Communication Tool.

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How can I view emails sent to artists?

You can view emails you sent on artist citation pages. Navigate to the Event > Management page, click on the status of artists you wish to view and select the application ID number of any artist. Sent emails will display within the Communication section on the page. Click on the title of the email to view the full message.

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Why can’t my jurors log in?

First, ensure your jurors are attempting to log in at the correct location: http://admin.zapplication.org. If they are on the correct site, check the following settings:

  1. Your Current Jury Status is set to In Progress.
  2. Each juror account is assigned to the event’s jury. You can check this by clicking on the juror account on your jury administration page and ensuring the check box next to your event has been selected.

Jurors may be prompted to reset their password if their account is over 12 months old.

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What does the Hide Current Artist Status setting do?

The Hide Current Artist Status prevents artists from seeing their true status and from purchasing any products (including application fees) that your event sells on ZAPP. The setting was designed for you to hide your jury results until you are ready to release them.

When your Hide Current Artist Status is set to No, artists will be able to view their status, accept invitations, and purchase products (including booth products).

When your Hide Current Artist Status is set to Yes, artists will see their status as Received (even if they are in a different status on your end) and will not purchase any products.

This status should be set to Yes while your jury is in progress to prevent artists from seeing their statuses.

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Why can’t artists accept my invitation or purchase a booth?

Only artists in the Invited, Accepted, and Exempt from Jury statuses can purchase booth products, and only artists in the Invited status can accept invitations.

If your artists are in the correct statuses but still can’t accept your invitation or buy a booth, check the following settings:

Within your Jury > Administration tab:
Make sure your current jury status is set to Complete in order for artists to see their status and accept your invitation. Make sure your Hide Current Artist Status is set to No to allow artists to purchase booth products.

If you are hosting a rolling jury (in which you jury throughout your application cycle), keep your jury set to In Progress and your Hide Current Artist Status set to No. This will allow Invited artists to go directly to the ZAPP Shop to purchase booth products.

Within your Event Editor
Make sure your Accept Invitation and Purchase Deadline (found on your Event Information page) is set to a future date.

Within your Product Editor
The checkbox next to your booth product must be selected, making it active, for artists to see and purchase the product.

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Can ZAPP refund artists on my behalf?

ZAPP is able to refund artists on your behalf, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The refund requested by the show director and submitted via the request form. ZAPP does not accept refund requests via phone.
  2. The show account has revenue from which to refund. This refers to revenue collected in the current month (i.e. for the month of February, from February 1st to the current day of the month).
  3. The payment was made via credit card. ZAPP cannot process refunds for check payments.
  4. The payment was made in the past six months.


If a refund request meets the above criteria, submit the ZAPP Refund Request Form. Once the form is filled out, we will be in touch with updates regarding the status of the refund.

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Why are my products listed as “SOLD OUT” to artists?

Artists will see a SOLD OUT message when the maximum quantity available for a product has been purchased or when your quantity has been set to 0.

If the latter is the case, go to the Event Editor > Product Editor tab and check your Sold of Quantity column to ensure it’s accurate. If you make changes, click the “Save Products” button.

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How do I assign booth numbers to artists?

You can assign booth numbers to artists if they are in the Accepted or Confirmed status. To do so, navigate to Events > Management and click on the applicable status to load the table. If you do not see the “Booth #” field when the table loads, click on the “Table Editor” button on the right hand side of the screen and check the box for “Booth #.”

Only eight fields can be displayed at one time, so you may need to deselect another field. Click “Save” to save your changes and display the Booth # column.

To share booth numbers with artists, ensure the “Show Booth Assignments to Artists” drop-down menu on the Event Information page is set to Active. Artists will be able to see their booth assignments on their My ZAPPlications page after logging in.

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Where can I download my artists’ information?

Artist information and answers to your custom questions can be found in the reports at the bottom of your Event Management page. To download them, you must first choose a specific status or click the “View All” link under the Applications by Status table.

At the bottom of your applicant list, you will find three reports—Contacts, Answers, and PDF. Below, you can find a breakdown of the information included in each report:

If you are looking to track your revenue, you can download an Income Breakdown Report (Reports > Income Breakdown). This report can be used to track products artists have purchased, which artists have paid by check or credit card, and artists who have used a coupon.

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When will I receive a remittance check?

Checks are cut and sent on the fifth business day of the month. You can track your revenue through the Income Breakdown Report (Reports > Income Breakdown). Watch our video tutorial on using the Income Breakdown Report.

If you chose to auto-deduct your ZAPP licensing fees, you will not receive a check until your fees are paid in full.

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How can I request a link of artist images?

Every event on ZAPP gets one free link of images. To request this link, email zapphelp@westaf.org or submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Name of your event
  • Statuses to include (Confirmed, Awaiting Payment by Check, Invited, etc.)

When you download the link, images will be ordered in the following way:

  • Show Name
    • Application Status
      • Medium Category
        • Images, organized by artist last name.

The first request is provided at no cost but additional links may incur a $20 fee.

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