ZAPP Onsite: Streamline Your At-Event Adjudication

Use Onsite from any mobile device to score booths at your festival. Jurors can also add comments, view your site map, and compare artwork seen at the festival to the artwork submitted for the initial jury.

Scores sync directly with ZAPP to determine award winners within minutes. Administrators can view scores from the administrator portal on ZAPP or export them into a spreadsheet for easy record keeping.

ZAPP Onsite instantaneously pulls artist information, application data, and booth numbers straight from ZAPP, saving you hours of time building scoring books for your event.


Fill out our Onsite Request Form and we’ll reach out to you with next steps. Jurors can easily use their own smartphones or tablet devices to score at your event. ZAPP Onsite is complimentary for all events in 2021 to help relieve the financial stress COVID-19 has brought to our industry.


Using ZAPP Onsite: Administrators

Setting Up Onsite

Don’t have access to ZAPP Onsite? Email the ZAPP team.

To set up ZAPP Onsite, you need to have all of the artists attending your event placed in either the Accepted or Confirmed status, and each artist needs to have a booth number. Once those criteria are met, follow the steps below to set up your onsite jury:


General Adjudication Information
    1. Log in to Click on Onsite in your menu bar, and pull up your event.
    2. Fill in your Adjudication Start and End Dates (the dates you will begin and complete scoring). Jurors will only be able to log in and score on these dates.
    3. Upload your site map.
    4. Jurors who scored during your initial jury will automatically populate in the Adjudicators box. If these are the same jurors who will score at your event, select their names from the list and click on the arrow to move them from “Adjudicators” to “Selected.”
    5. If you need to create new adjudicator accounts, click on the “Add Adjudicator” button. Be sure to click the “Save” button before clicking the “Add Adjudicator” button to save your progress on this page. Fill out the required fields and click “Add” to create the account. On the next page, be sure to select your event from the Jury Access list so the juror has access to your event. Once you have created their account, navigate back to the Onsite page and move the juror from “Adjudicators” to “Selected.”
    6. Click “Save and Continue.”


Booth Assignment

Before you add booth assignments, you must fill out the General Adjudication Information tab and assign booth numbers to all participating artists. Adjudicators at your event will only be able to score booths to which they are assigned.

To assign booths to specific adjudicators, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the name of the adjudicator.
  2. In the box to the right of your adjudicators, you’ll see a list of all artists who have a booth number.
  3. Assign booths for a juror to score by clicking the red X next to the artist’s name. The red X will change to a green checkmark when assigned.
  4. You can filter the booth listing by category to assign jurors booths in specific medium categories. Click the Select All or Select None links under the “Assign Booths” button to assign all booths to a specific juror or to remove all assignments from that juror.
  5. Click “Assign Booths” to save your settings.

ZAPP Onsite automatically checks to see if all artists are being scored by the same number of jurors. If any booths do not have an equal number of jurors scoring them, they will display at the bottom of your screen, under the To Do section.

To save your work and to finalize your setup, click “Continue.”



On the final tab for setting up your Onsite jury, you will create your scoring scheme for jurors. If you are scoring numerically, you can set up any scale you would like (1 – 10, 1 – 100, etc.). You can also choose to have your adjudicators score by selecting “Yes” or “No” or “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.”

Underneath the scoring schema section, you can create different categories with varying weights for your jurors to score. This is completely customizable but think along the lines of: quality of work, overall creativity, and booth set up. You can assign a weight to each of these categories that will determine the impact each one has on the artist’s total score. The weight of all categories, when added up, needs to equal 100%.


Image of the onsite scoring categories box. Three categories are listed: Quality of Work (60), Variety (20), Originality (20). To the right of the box, there is a button to add a category and another to set the order. Under those buttons, there is help text that reads 'Drag categories into the desired order and click the "Set Order" button. This will set the scoring order.

Keeping it simple? Add one category called “Juror’s choice” or “Score” and set the weight to 100%. Click “Save and Finish” to complete your setup for ZAPP Onsite. You’re now ready to go on event day!

Helping Adjudicators: Online vs. Offline

ZAPP Onsite works best if adjudicators have consistent access to cellular data or a stable Wi-Fi connection. If internet access is an issue on your festival grounds, your jurors can still score but should do so in offline mode. Follow these steps to score in offline mode:

  1. Have your adjudicator(s) log in to while connected to the internet. They will need to load all the booths while connected to the internet. 
  2. Once all booths are loaded, put the device into Airplane mode.
  3. The adjudicator can now score booths as they typically would. Scores will display as “Saved” on their device until they can sync them with ZAPP.
  4. Once they have a stable Wi-Fi connection, turn off Airplane mode.
  5. Click “Submit Scores” and then “Submit All.” The syncing process may take several minutes, depending on how many scores are being submitted.
  6. Their scores will now be synced with ZAPP and will display as “Submitted.”

View and Download Scores

If your adjudicators are scoring in online mode, scores will sync automatically in ZAPP and you can review them while they score. If they are scoring in offline mode, you will need to wait until they sync their scores to see and review them from the ZAPP administrator portal.

Follow these steps to view and download your scores:

  1. Navigate to the Onsite tab when you’re logged in as an administrator and pull up your event.
  2. Directly under the event drop-down, you should see two links: “Setup” and “Scores.”
  3. Click on “Scores” to load a table of submitted scores. If any adjudicators haven’t finished scoring, an error message will display at the top.

On this page, you can view and download three reports:

  • Booth averages
  • Category averages
  • Adjudicator averages

You can click on any of the column headers to sort the table. If you need to manually enter or edit a score, click on the booth number to update the scores for that artist.

Note: ZAPP Onsite does not retain scores year over year. To maintain historical data, download the spreadsheets after jurors are finished scoring.

Using ZAPP Onsite: Jurors

Adjudicator Accounts & Logging In

Adjudicator accounts (on-site jurors) are created by event administrators. Contact your administrator for your username and password. If you forgot your password, reset it using the “Forgot Password?” section of

To load booths and begin scoring, log in at Select the event you are scoring to load all assigned booths.

How to Score Booths

  1. Log in at (Credentials are provided by the event administrator.)
  2. Select the event you are scoring.
  3. Booths can be sorted by number, artists’ first or last names, or by medium category (alphabetically). You can filter the list to show only unscored booths, booths you flagged, or you can pull up a booth by number or artist name by typing into the search bar.
  4. Select on the booth you want to score to pull up the scorecard. 
  5. On the scorecard, you can view the thumbnails of images submitted with the artist’s application, their Description of Materials and Technique, and their medium category. If you need to return to the booth later, you can flag the booth by clicking on the “Flag Booth” button. 
  6. Score the booth by dragging the sliding bar to the desired number or click inside the text box to the left of the bar and enter your score. If you cannot give a score due to a conflict of interest or because that artist is not present, click “No Score Given.”
  7. Add any necessary comments.  
  8. Click “Save” to save your scores.
  9. Once all scores have been submitted, filter your list by “Unscored Only” to double check that you have scored everyone.

Online vs. Offline Mode

ZAPP Onsite works best if adjudicators have consistent access to cellular data or a stable Wi-Fi connection. If internet access is an issue on the festival grounds, you can still score but should do so in offline mode. Follow these steps to score in offline mode:

  1. Log in to while connected to the internet and load all the booths you need to score. 
  2. Put the device into Airplane mode.
  3. Score your festival as normal. Scores will display as “Saved” on your device until they can sync them with ZAPP.
  4. Once you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, take the device out of Airplane mode.
  5. Click “Submit Scores” and then “Submit All.”
  6. Your scores will sync with ZAPP and display as “Submitted.”
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